Updated Specials Drug Tariff

The updated arrangements for payments for Specials and imported unlicensed medicines that cover the Specials Drug Tariff is now available - effective 1st May 2020

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About us

Based in Northumberland, our award-winning company reliably makes and delivers unlicensed medicines (Specials) to thousands of community and hospital pharmacists and doctors throughout the UK and Ireland - usually within 24 hours of an order being placed. We also supply ‘special obtain’ items to help pharmacists when they require a product that is not a regular line and therefore not stocked by a mainline wholesaler. 
The company started back in 1999 with just three people and now has around 100 employees based across three MHRA-licensed sites. We have always prided ourselves on being unique in the market by providing the following:
  • A passionate approach that constantly exceeds customer expectation;
  • A willingness to formulate and source products - helping meet patient needs;
  • Unrivalled quality based on our MHRA-approved manufacturing facilities, licenses and experienced team;
  • Speedy ordering, processing, manufacturing and delivery;
  • Being an ethical business with strong values.
Over the years, we believe our special company has been judged on its performance and has built an enviable reputation in Specials for quality, consistency and customer service. This has been based on understanding what the customer wants and what the patient needs. We can't see why else we'd have thousands of loyal customers who trust us everyday.
In addition, we offer a service to manufacture Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs), so we can meet the supply needs of hospital-based clinical trials. Our three sites are licensed to offer a IMP manufacturing service for non-sterile medicines for use in small clinical studies. This GMP-compliant manufacturing service supports clinical trial pharmacists and technicians, University medical schools and research doctors carrying out such trials and requiring an outsourced manufacturing partner.

Independently focused from day one, our aim is quite simply - to be the UK's number one Specials supplier to community pharmacies and hospitals. 

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