Updated Specials Drug Tariff

The updated arrangements for payments for Specials and imported unlicensed medicines that cover the Specials Drug Tariff is now available - effective 1st May 2020

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Customer service

Our Customer Service Team is extremely proud of its reputation for being able to respond very quickly to any enquiries (always within the hour during opening hours), ensuring the customer is constantly informed on the progression of their individual order. Although we have invested in the installation of rather clever ordering systems to track orders over the years, we have a very human approach to the way we run our business. Our approachable Customer Service Team is always bending over backwards to keep our customers happy with our service.
Our friendly team deals with thousands of unlicensed medicines orders each week. From the start to the end of your order, our team is always available to help. This tailored service is supported by our Technical Support Team, which is on hand to deal with any questions or queries relating to product formulations and quality.
We love to hear from our customers to find out what we're doing right and where we can improve. Such feedback has led to the introduction of many new services and products, along with our focus on constantly improving leadtime. Click here to read what our customers say about us.
We have a wealth of knowledge here at The Specials Laboratory and this intelligence is something we provide our customers with to help ensure your patients receive the best possible products. 
Feel free to contact our Customer Service Team for all enquiries e.g. delivery times/dates, stock availability, account details etc. Our ongoing commitment to service is why the customers we had on day one are still with us today.
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