Updated Specials Drug Tariff

The updated arrangements for payments for Specials and imported unlicensed medicines that cover the Specials Drug Tariff is now available - effective 1st May 2020

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Quality is the foundation of our business meaning you can trust every product that comes from The Specials Laboratory.
From the second any unlicensed medicine or vet special order is placed, our Documentation and Technical Teams swing straight into action to ensure every product goes through numerous quality checks, from beginning to end (12 on average). Our highly-trained Documentation Team works in tandem with our Customer Services Team and is on hand to offer support during the order process. The Technical Team is focused on and responsible for research and development, sourcing new stock and clarifying and checking formulations.
Like the rest of our business, the 'Doc Tech' Team prides itself on its efficiency, quality and accuracy. Once 100% satisfied with your order and its proposed formulation, your order is sent to the labs.
Our skilled team of technicians then embark on collating and mixing the relevant ingredients to create the required patient formula. This all occurs within our state-of-the-art facilities under GMP-compliant manufacturing; more specifically, the relevant manufacturing area for the product required to minimise any chance of cross-contamination.
During this process, our Quality Assurance (QA) Team takes the product through several quality checks to ensure it is correct quality and exactly meets the required order specifications for the patient. Even though we are very proud of our leadtime for delivering goods, it is never at the expense of quality. The patient's wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. A patient must have total trust in a product provided by a pharmacist. In turn, if that product is made at The Specials Laboratory, the pharmacist must have total trust in our team.
To maintain quality throughout, our Technical and QA teams include several pharmacists and Qualified Persons (QPs) supported by a team of over 20 highly qualified Pharmacy Technicians, all drawing many years manufacturing experience from a broad range of specialities.
After arriving in the dispensary, following a final release check by one of our Senior Technicians in Quality, every product is still independently checked by a pharmacist before being transferred to the Dispatch Team.
We operate within our own quality standards that are aimed to exceed the required MHRA level. So if you're ordering special obtains or using our IMP manufacturing service, you can expect the same level of quality delivered with our specials service.
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