Updated Specials Drug Tariff

The updated arrangements for payments for Specials and imported unlicensed medicines that cover the Specials Drug Tariff is now available - effective 1st May 2020

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Customer comments

"The Specials Lab have really gone above and beyond with their customer service and delivery. Their staff are friendly, helpful and take care with their customers. They've really exceeded our expectations, I'd recommend them 100%. When comparing their service to comparable suppliers you can't compare it, they're cheaper, have a more efficient service and most of the products we order are available for next day delivery. If I had to sum them up in football terms you could compare their competitors to league 1 and Specials Lab are premier league. They've helped us with any queries we've had and have made sure that our every need is seen too."
Sean Whittall, Dispenser, NHS Herefordshire CCG
"The service we receive from The Specials Laboratory when ordering unlicensed medicines is wonderful and recently the team really went the extra mile. We had a patient that was flying out of the UK at 9.30am the following morning but did not have the required amount of medication needed for her trip. After receiving the prescription from our surgery, we placed the order at 5.45pm and asked the customer service team if there was any chance of getting the product the following morning, even though we knew it was unlikely. After processing the order and producing the item, The Specials Laboratory liaised with its courier partner to prioritise the order for delivery. Lo and behold, the special medication was waiting for us when we opened the pharmacy in the morning. It was exceptional service and our patient was delighted. Absolutely brilliant service, thank you."
Anne Hurry, Dispensing Assistant at Leadgate Pharmacy, County Durham
"The service we receive for unlicensed medicines from the friendly team at The Specials Laboratory is really efficient. We recently had a patient query that I needed help with and their team were able to get back to me straightaway and help us sort out the issue." 
Tracy French, Pharmacy Technician at Cohens Chemist, Dodworth
"The Specials Laboratory delivers a truly first class specials service. It's easy, convenient, efficient and delivery is always the next day. Although we've been approached by other specials suppliers, we have never had any issues and don't see how they could improve upon what The Specials Lab already consistency delivers." 
Martin Bamford, Pharmacist and Owner at Bamford's Pharmacy 
"I have ordered unlicensed medicines from The Specials Lab for over ten years mainly due to them being local and their consistently excellent service. Most orders are delivered the same day and any queries are always dealt with well. They are an extremely reliable supplier and in all the years we have used them we have never had any problems with products or delivery - I cannot fault them at all. "
Clive Lloyd, Pharmacy Manager, J&LC Clark Chemist, County Durham. 
"We have used The Specials Laboratory for a few years now mainly for liquid products, and we believe they can deliver the widest range of specially prepared medicines that we are currently aware of. Alongside the excellent availability of products, the speed of service is a huge benefit to us, and of course our patients. Where it may take other providers up to two weeks to deliver a product, The Specials Lab usually delivers the morning after we place an order. They really excel in this area and it means we can trust that they will always deliver."
Gary Swaker, Senior Technician, Pharmacy Purchasing and Stores, Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow. 
"We have used The Specials Laboratory for quite some time and are extremely happy with the level of service consistently provided. The team is happy to help and our orders are always delivered on time."
Rachel, Dispensing Technician at Varus Pharmacy, Penarth.

"We have been using The Specials Lab for over five years now and due to their consistent performance, over the last two years they have become our main supplier for specials. When we place any order, we are immediately given a call back from their team to confirm the order and the check the specification of the product. We are then kept informed on the status of our order throughout the process. Even when we place an order at 4pm, all of our orders arrive before 12pm the following day, which is very good. We now have a database of the products The Specials Lab can produce and the costs for frequent items, which of course is very helpful from a budgeting perspective. Overall, the service is excellent and the company is one of the pharmacy's top suppliers." Wayne Wilson, Pharmacist and Purchasing Manager at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust.


“We would describe the service from The Specials Laboratory as reliable, positively predictable and consistent. We particularly like the way product ordering is organised, as the paperwork is easy to understand and is dealt with quickly by friendly and responsive staff. The communication is excellent as we receive regular, proactive updates and when we request a call back regarding an order it is always met in a timely manner. We are very impressed with The Specials Laboratory and would highly recommend their service.”
Karen Seaton, Pharmacist at Kitsons Pharmacy, Stoke on Trent.


“We have a brilliant partnership with The Specials Lab. They provide excellent turnaround times, cost-effective products and a friendly, helpful service. The team at The Specials Lab are great and give us advice when we need it, meaning we don't need to look elsewhere for our specials products. They're much better when compared to similar suppliers because they care about the partnership we have with them, it isn't about constant selling, it's about delivering a service that works for both our customers and ourselves. We often receive calls from other specials suppliers and turn them away, because we have everything we need with The Specials Lab.
Tawanda, Super Intendant Pharmacist at Oxford Pharmacy.

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