Updated Specials Drug Tariff

The updated arrangements for payments for Specials and imported unlicensed medicines that cover the Specials Drug Tariff is now available - effective 1st May 2020

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Unlicensed medicines
Here at The Specials Laboratory, we manufacture and supply unlicensed medicines (Specials) within 24 hours of an order, including products on the Specials Drug Tariff. So, as a community or hospital pharmacist or a doctor, you have found your special place to order Specials on behalf of your patients.

If you know what you want, order online now. Alternatively, free phone 0800 028 4925, free fax 0800 083 4222 or email us. We also offer a hassle-free, secure online ordering service, so please call us to be set up on our system.

Since 1999, The Specials Laboratory has helped meet the needs of thousands of pharmacists and doctors across the UK and Ireland. Our loyal following suggests we are getting something right! We always pride ourselves on offering you the following:

  • A dedicated Customer Service and Technical Team willing to listen and offer technical advice;
  • A passionate approach that constantly exceeds your expectations;
  • A willingness to formulate and source products - helping meet patient needs;
  • Unrivalled quality based on our MHRA-approved laboratories/clean rooms, licenses and experienced team;
  • Speedy ordering, processing, manufacturing and delivery to you on time.
Our reputation and track record is based on understanding what the customer wants and what the patient needs.
"We have used The Specials Laboratory for quite some time and are extremely happy with the level of service consistently provided. The team is happy to help and our orders are always delivered on time."
Rachel, Dispensing Technician at Varus Pharmacy, Penarth.
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More recently we have launched a service to assist community and hospital pharmacists source unusual products to help better meet individual patient needs. Occasionally, a pharmacist will require an item that is not a regular line and therefore not stocked by a mainline wholesaler. In this instance, our team is able to step in and help find a ‘special obtain’ on your behalf.
Out of pocket expenses
A very popular service for pharmacists, our Specials Out-of-Pocket Expenses Report. This involves us producing and sending all of our pharmacy customers a free of charge monthly report summarising all out-of-pocket expenses relating to Specials. Available to our entire UK customer base, it is aimed at making life easier for you in dealing with month-end expenses forms for the PPA.

Why not contact us to discuss your very own monthly Specials Out-of-Pocket Expenses Report, which will no doubt minimise your month-end stress when collating monthly expenses while saving the time and effort of lots of paperwork.

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Independently focused from day one, our aim is quite simply - to be the UK's number one Specials supplier to community pharmacists and doctors.

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